Driving Directions for Covered Bridges of Oregon


Harris  Crosses: Marys River  Length: 75 feet  Year Built: 1929
DIRECTIONS: Go west out of Corvallis on Highway 20 to Wren. Take the Harris Road about 2 mile to the bridge.

Hayden  Crosses: Alsea River  Length: 91 feet  Year Built: 1918
DIRECTIONS: Follow highway 34 out of Philomath for about 18 miles. Turn left on Hayden road and follow it for a short distance to the bridge.

Irish Bend  Crosses: Oak Creek  Length: 60 feet  Year Built: 1954
DIRECTIONS: In Corvallis, follow highway 20 west to 53rd Street, turn right an watch for the bicycle/pedestrian path. The bridge is about one mile east of 53rd

Sandy Creek   Crosses: Sandy Creek   Length: 60 feet   Year Built: 1921
DIRECTIONS: Finding the bridge is easy. Take highway 42 west from Roseburg to Remote. The bridge stands next to the concrete highway crossing.

Rock O' the Range  Crosses: Swalley Canal  Length: 42 feet  Year Built: 1963
DIRECTIONS: Go two miles north of Bend on highway 97. Turn left on Bowery Road. The bridge is just a few feet off the main highway.

Cavitt Creek  Crosses: Little River  Length: 70 feet  Year Built: 1943
DIRECTIONS: Take highway 138 from Roseburg to Glide. From there, take county road 17A south for one mile then stay to the left and follow 17 four miles to Peel. Continue on one mile to the bridge at the intersection or county roads 17 and 82.

Horse Creek  Crosses: Myrtle Creek  Length: 105 feet  Year Built: 1930
DIRECTIONS: To view the bridge take Interstate 5 to the Myrtle Creek Exit. The bridge is downtown in Millsite Park.

Milo Academy  Crosses: South Umpqua River  Length: 100 feet  Year Built: 1962
DIRECTIONS: Take highway 227 from Interstate 5’s Canyonville/Days Creek exit and follow it to the bridge.

Neal Lane  Crosses: Myrtle Creek  Length: 42 feet  Year Built: 1929
DIRECTIONS: From Main Street in the town of Myrtle Creek turn east on Riverside. Go one mile to Neal Lane and head south for another mile to the bridge.

Pass Creek  Crosses: Pass Creek at Drain  Length: 61 feet  Year Built: 1925
DIRECTIONS: From West B Street in Drain, turn south on 2nd and go one block to West A Street. The bridge is behind the Civic Center.

Rochester  Crosses: Calapooya River  Length: 80 feet  Year Built: 1933
DIRECTIONS: Take highway 38 west two miles from Sutherlin. Go north on county road 10-A for one mile to the bridge.

Antelope Creek  Crosses: Little Butte Creek  Length: 58 feet  Year Built: 1922
DIRECTIONS: Eagle Point is north of Medford on highway 62.

Lost Creek  Crosses: Lost Creek  Length: 39 feet  Year Built: 1919
DIRECTIONS: From highway 62, turn east on highway 140 and follow it to the Lake Creek exit. From Lake Creek, go three and a half miles on South Fork Little Butte Road, then turn right on Lost Creek Road. The bridge is a half a mile farther.

McKee  Crosses: Applegate River  Length: 122 feet  Year Built: 1917
DIRECTIONS: Take highway 238 to Ruch, Oregon. Head south on Applegate Road following the Applegate Dam signs to the town of MaKee Bridge. The span is located just south of town.

Wimer  Crosses: Evan Creek  Length: 85 feet  Year Built 1927
DIRECTIONS: From the town of Rouge River take Evans Creek Road 7 miles north to Wimer. You will cross the bridge to enter the townsite.

Grave Creek  Crosses: Grave Creek  Length: 105 feet  Year Built 1920
DIRECTIONS: You can actually see this bridge from Interstate 5. Go east under the freeway at the Sunny Valley exit, the head north for approximately one mile to the site.

Belknap  Crosses: McKenzie River  Length: 120 feet  Year Built: 1966
DIRECTIONS: Take 126 east out of Springfield to the old townsite of Rainbow. Access the bridge from McKenzie River Drive.

Centennial  Crosses: Coast Fork Wilamette River  Length: 84 feet  Year Built: 1987
DIRECTIONS: The bridge is on Main Street just west of Downtown Cottage Grove.

Chambers Railroad  Crosses: Coast Fork Willamette River  Length: 78 feet  Year Built: 1925
DIRECTIONS: In Cottage Grove, go south on River Road.

Coyote Creek  Crosses: Coyote Creek  Length: 60 feet  Year Built: 1922
DIRECTIONS: Take Crow Road, which is 6 miles west of Eugene off of S.R. 126, to its intersection with Territorial Highway. Go south one mile on Battle Creek Road, then turn west to get to the bridge.

Currin  Crosses: Row River  Length: 105 feet  Year Built: 1925
DIRECTIONS: Go four miles southeast of Cottage Grove on Row River Road to its intersection with Layng Road. Mosby Creek bridge is one mile away also on Layng Road.

Deadwood  Crosses: Deadwood Creek  Length: 105 feet  Year Built: 1932
DIRECTIONS: From Mapleton, head north to Deadwood. Take Deadwood Creek Road about five miles to Deadwood Loop Road on which it is located.

Dorena  Crosses: Row River  Length: 105 feet  Year Built: 1949
DIRECTIONS: Take Row River Road east from Cottage Grove to Government Camp Road. Follow it for seven miles to the bridge.

Earnest  Crosses: Mohawk River  Length: 75 feet  Year Built: 1938
DIRECTIONS: Take Marcola Road (14th Street) north out of Springfield for 17 miles and turn right on Pachelke Road to the bridge.

Goodpasture  Crosses: McKenzie River  Length: 165 feet  Year Built: 1938
DIRECTIONS: Goodpasture is 24 miles east of Springfield on S.R. 126.

Lake Creek  Crosses: Lake Creek  Length: 105 feet  Year Built: 1928
DIRECTIONS: The bridge is situated to the east of Deadwood a quarter mile off highway 36 on Nelson Mountain Road.

Lowell  Crosses: Middle Fork Willamette River  Length: 165 feet  Year Built: 1945
DIRECTIONS: The bridge is directly north of highway 58 near the town of Lowell.

Mosby Creek  Crosses: Mosby Creek  Length: 90 feet  Year Built: 1920
DIRECTIONS: The bridge is located one mile from Currin Bridge on Layng road.

Office (Westfir)  Crosses: North Fork of the Middle Fork Willamette River  Length: 180 feet  Year Built: 1944
DIRECTIONS: Take highway 58 east from Eugene. As you approach Oakridge, turn on Westridge Avenue (near mile post 31). Take the county road (C.R. 6128) to Westfir, about 2 and a half miles.

Parvin  Crosses: Lost Creek  Length: 75 feet  Year Built: 1921
DIRECTIONS: Take highway 58 for 12 miles from Interstate 5, turn right and proceed south on Lost Creek Road. At the railroad bridge turn right on Parvin Road and follow this to the bridge.

Pengra  Crosses: Fall Creek  Length: 120 feet  Year Built: 1938
DIRECTIONS: Take highway 58 to the Lowell Bridge, cross Dexter Resevoir, and head north about 2 miles to Unity Bridge. Turn left on Place road and head west for about three miles watching for the short lane to the bridge on the right.

Stewart  Crosses: Mosby Creek  Length: 60 feet  Year Built: 1930
DIRECTIONS: The bridge is near Mosby Creek bridge. Follow Row River Road from Cottage Grove for one mile to Mosby Creek Road. Turn Right, go over the railroad tracks and turn left. The bridge is at the intersection of Mosby Creek Road and Garoutte Road.

Unity  Crosses: Fall Creek  Length: 90 feet  Year Built: 1936
DIRECTIONS: Take highway 58 to the Lowell Bridge, cross Dexter Lake on the causeway and head north two miles on the Lowell-Unity Road.

Wendling  Crosses: Mill Creek  Length: 60 feet  Year Built: 1938
DIRECTIONS: From Springfield head north on Marcola Road (14th St.). At Marcola, turn right on Wendling Road and follow this to the bridge.

Wildcat Creek  Crosses: Wildcat Creek  Length: 75 feet  Year Built: 1925
DIRECTIONS: Take highway 126 west from Eugene, check your odometer at Eugene's Beltline road and continue for 28 miles to the Whitaker Creek/Clay Creek Recreation Area turnoff. Make a left and then go back under the highway and railroad bridges about a half mile to the bridge.

Chitwood  Crosses: Yaquina River  Length: 96 feet  Year built: 1926
DIRECTIONS:The bridge is located west of Eddyville just off of highway 20.

Drift Creek  Crosses: Bear Creek  Length: 66 feet  Year built: 1914 & rebuilt 2001
DIRECTIONS: To see the bridge, take 101 to north of Lincoln City to Highway 18 and go east. About 5 miles (past Otis), turn right onto Bear Creek Rd.
The covered bridge will be on the left side about 1 mile up on private property with public pedestrian access.

Fisher School  Crosses: Five Rivers  Length: 72 feet  Year built: 1919
DIRECTIONS:Take highway 34 west from Philomath. Continue 20 miles past Alsea to Five River-Fisher Road (FS 141). Turn south where it forks with Siletz Road and continue left past Buck Creek Road.

North Fork Yachats  Crosses: North Fork Yachats River  Length: 42 feet  Year built: 1938
DIRECTIONS: To access this bridge, take the Yachats River Road inland until you come to the concrete bridge, turn left and proceed about 2 miles. This is a must see!

Crawfordville  Crosses: Calapooia River  Length: 105 feet  Year built: 1938

Gilkey  Crosses: Thomas Creek  Length: 120 feet  Year built: 1939
DIRECTIONS: Take the Jefferson-Scio Road to Robinson Drive, continue southeast to Goar Road and head south to the bridge.

Hannah  Crosses: Thomas Creek  Length: 105 feet  Year built: 1936
DIRECTIONS: From Scio, take highway 226 east across Richardson Gap road and continue on to the bridge at Camp Morrison Road.

Hoffman  Crosses: Crabtree Creek  Length: 90 feet  Year built: 1936
DIRECTIONS: From Scio, follow highway 226 south to Hungry Hill Road, turn right and proceed west to the bridge.

Larwood  Crosses: Crabtree Creek  Length: 105 feet  Year built: 1939
DIRECTIONS: From Richardson Gap Road head east on Larwood Drive approximately four miles to the bridge and wayside.

Shimanek  Crosses: Thomas Creek  Length: 130 feet  Year built: 1966
DIRECTIONS: Take Richardson Gap Road two miles north form Scio to see the bridge.

Short  Crosses: South Santiam River  Length: 105 feet  Year built: 1945
DIRECTIONS: Take highway 20 above Sweet Home to Cascadia and turn left on High Deck Road to see the bridge.

Weddle  Crosses: Ames Creek  Length: 120 feet  Year built: 1937
DIRECTIONS: Take highway 20 to Sweet Home, turn right at the traffic light at 12th Street and go two blocks to Kalmia Street. Turn Left and continue two block to where the road veers right and continue on another two blocks to Sankey Park.

Gallon House  Crosses: Abiqua Creek  Length: 84 feet  Year built: 1916-1917
DIRECTIONS: The bridge is just to the northwest of Silverton. Take highway 214 north about a half mile to Hobart Road. Turn to the west and after one mile turn right on Gallon House Road. It's about a half mile farther.

Stayton-Jordan  Crosses: Salem Power Canal  Length: 90 feet  Year Built 1998
DIRECTIONS: From I-5 Take exit 253 East on Hwy 22 (Stayton/Detroit) Approx. 15 miles. Take second exit (Stayton-Sublimity) No # on exit. Turn (right from Salem)south to Stayton. Go through town to N. Marion. Turn East (left) and drive to the end of street at 7th Ave.

Cedar Crossing  Crosses: Johnson Creek  Length: 60 feet  Year Built 1982
DIRECTIONS: Take Foster Road east from Interstate 205 to 134th Street. Turn right and continue 1/2 mile to the bridge.

Ritner Creek  Crosses: Ritner Creek  Length: 73 feet  Year Built 1927
DIRECTIONS: Take highway 223 south from Dallas 20 miles to the bridge. It is located to the side of the main highway about 3 miles south of town of Pedee.